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  • Grain Free Diets and Canine Heart Disease
    The Food and Drug Administration recently released a statement that associates canine DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy) with feeding certain brands of grain free dog food. Here is a link to that Read more
  • The Doctor Will See You Now (Virtually): Veterinary Telemedicine
    Veterinary Telemedicine encompasses the use of technology to leverage the veterinarian’s ability to care for pets.  For many years, veterinarians have used technology to send digital files of x-rays, ultrasound Read more
  • It’s Good to Be Toothful
    Dogs and cats need regular dental care just like we do.  Puppies and kittens are born with deciduous teeth that are replaced with adult teeth. This replacement beings with the Read more
  • How to Adopt a Dog
    A young mother once asked me what kind of dog to buy for her young son. My glib answer was “a stuffed one! Now if you want a dog we Read more
  • The Canine Flu(s) Blues
    If you are traveling on vacation it is possible your dog will also be vacationing at a boarding facility. Perhaps your dog enjoys meeting other dogs in the park or Read more
  • Tick Talk
    Ticks are small parasitic arthropods. They have been in the news because, frankly, ticks suck. They can transmit several diseases to humans and animals. There are several species of ticks Read more
  • Give Them Your Best Shot
    Vaccination is a pillar of disease prevention for humans as well as dogs and cats. Very few contemporary dog owners or veterinarians in our part of the world have seen Read more
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