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News about Seresto collars

Based on an article that first appeared at

Author: Robert J.Weiner, VMD, ABVP (Canine/Feline)

Seresto collars are in the news again today. On a search done this morning (3/19/21) of Veterinary Information Network, the largest and oldest online community of veterinarians in the world with tens of thousands of members the only discussion about Seresto collars is about the media stories. Follow these links to the reports:

These articles quote Dr. Tina Wismer a veterinary toxicologist with ASPCA Poison Control who opines that these new articles could arise from counterfeit collars but that there have been few, if any problems with the collars even when dogs ingest them. My dog Eliza is wearing a Seresto collar and I have no intention of removing it. I have no particular reason to defend Elanco and this product because it is readily available over the counter and many of my clients purchase them elsewhere so I have no financial interest here. I do find that it is a useful product in controlling dangerous tick exposure and, in my experience, it has been trouble-free.

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