COVID-19 3-23-2020

Every day there are new developments that necessitate re-evaluation of our procedures and hospital protocols. These are based on new requirements mandated by New York State and recommendations of the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the NYSVMS (New York State Veterinary Medical Society) and the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association). We want to be sure that we are protecting you, our clients, the community and our staff. Our goal is – and has always been -- to provide the best care for your pets. 

We are implementing the following protocols:

Beginning Monday, we will be rescheduling all non-essential appointments for dates in April. You will soon be receiving calls from our staff to reschedule appointments previously made for the remainder of March. If you are not sure if the issue is essential or non-essential, please call us at 845-634-4607 and ask.

We will be changing to “curbside” only appointments. Clients should call 634-4607 when they arrive for their appointment and wait in their vehicle. Our Client Service Representatives will check you in over the phone. One of our licensed technicians or assistants will come to your car to accept your pet from you for examination. The doctor will call you with the examination findings and the recommended plan. At the end of the appointment, a staff member will help you settle your account over the phone, answer any additional questions that you may have, schedule future appointments and return your pet to you along with any medications or prescription diet food required.

You can also schedule a TeleTails (telemedicine) consultation. Call the office to set up an appointment. Then go to, download the App and follow the five simple steps to set up and account. At the specified appointment time, click “Start a Consult” and you and the Doctor can have a real-time discussion regarding your sick pet and you can send pictures or videos using your smartphone. There is a charge for a TeleTails consultation, which is charged to your credit card.

We recommend that you utilize our Free Delivery Service for medication and prescription food orders by going to and click on “Online Shopping”. If you do choose to come to the hospital, please call in your order in advance. We will take payment over the phone. Call from your vehicle when you arrive and we will bring the medication or prescription food out to you with your receipt.

During these uncertain times, you and your pet will continue to receive the same thorough and compassionate care you’ve come to expect from CAH. We are working diligently to make sure we meet all of your needs and have answered all of your questions. The COVID-19 outbreak is a national emergency, and will require us all to demonstrate greater patience, respect, and empathy. We will continue to do all we can to keep our staff, patients and clients healthy and safe. We thank you for your continued understanding and support.

Stay Healthy!! Call if you have any questions or you need us!! --Sincerely, Dr. Weiner

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